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"A fool says in his heart that there is no God, but a bigger fool believes that there is a God but then lives as if He does not exist.There is no greater fool in this world than the one who comes to the point of accepting that Jesus Christ exist but then continue to live for themselves."

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"A Jesus who never wept could never wipe away my tears."

Charles Spurgeon (via unafraidunashamed)

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The Bible says in Psalms “Taste and see that the LORD is good…” 
Taste is an experimental word. It’s like an invitation from a confident Italian chef. You don’t have to commit to eating the whole thing; just a sample. 
If you don’t like it, you can skip the rest. But because the chef knows how good it is, he is convinced that if you take one bite, you will want the whole chicken Alfredo.Sometimes I wish I could shove the word of God in people’s hearts, especially if I know there is something in there that they desperately need. But as much as I want to I can’t, they have to want it for themselves. So taste and see……

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"Most Christians will rather listen to people’s opinion of the bible than read the bible themselves. We end up discounting ourselves with a second-hand message when we have God at first-hand."

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"I think it’s important to remind ourselves that sacrifice can ultimately bring forth that for which we are sacrificing."

Mia Nikole (via thedirectorseat)

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Dear God,

I feel like I don’t deserve You….

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My Lust. My Pride. 

My Lack of Desire

My Wish to Hide.

My Oh-So-Fake Obsession.

My Goodness. My Pretense.

My Lies. My Irreverence.

My Half-Hearted Obedience. Incomplete Repentance.

My Backslide. My Indifference.

My Other Life. My Person.

My Darkness. My Hell.

My Cheap Sacrifice. My Ishmael.

My Runaway. My Refusal.

My Hatred. My Ridicule.

My Image. My Perception.

My Doubt. My Lack of Recognition.

My Theft. My Drunkenness.

My Stupor. My Unbrokenness.

My Hardness. My Control.

My Decision to not Let Go.

My High. My Vacation.

My Time. My Games. My Relationships.

My Friends. My Guys.

My Depression. My Sighs.

My Jokes. My Laughs.

My Poetry. My Math.

My Fantasy. My Werewolf.

My Rebellion. My Big Bad Wolf.

My Dress Sense. My Indecency.

My Music. My RhythmNBeat.

My Moves. My Body.

My Chemistry. My Biology.

my Life. my Heart.

my All. This is my Surrender.

Till Then.

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You call me master, and you do not question me.
You call me the light, and you do not look to me.
You call me the way, and you do not follow me.
You call me the truth, and you do not believe me.
You call me the life, and you do not wish for me.
You call me wise and you give me no attention.
You call me lovely, and you do not love me.
You call me rich and you do not ask for anything
You call me the everlasting, and you do not seek me
You call me merciful and you do not trust me
You call me almighty, and you do not honor me
You call me righteous and you do not fear me.

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